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Synonyms of outrageous in English:


  • 1 the outrageous burden of taxation
    evil, wicked, abominable, terrible, horrible, horrid, horrendous, dreadful, hideous, foul, nauseating, sickening, vile, villainous, nasty, ghastly, odious, loathsome, shameful, infamous, nefarious, iniquitous, unspeakable, intolerable, insufferable, insupportable, unendurable, unbearable;
    immoderate, exorbitant, unreasonable
    British informal over the top, OTT, steep, beastly
    [Antonyms] acceptable, mild, moderate
  • 2 we can all sneer at people who are caught out by outrageous offers
    far-fetched, unlikely, highly unlikely, doubtful, dubious, questionable, implausible, unconvincing, unbelievable, incredible, ridiculous, preposterous, extravagant, elaborate, high-flown, overdramatic, overdone, sensationalized, excessive, overstated, inflated, highly coloured
    [Antonyms] realistic, credible
  • 3 pop stars wearing outrageous clothes
    eye-catching, startling, striking, flamboyant, showy, flashy, gaudy, ostentatious, dazzling;
    saucy, shameless, brazen, brash, unspeakable, adventurous, bold, daring, audacious, swashbuckling, defiant, daredevil, shocking
    [Antonyms] inconspicuous
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