Synonyms of outside in English:



  • 1 the outside of the building is decorated in fine style
    outer/external surface, surface, exterior, outer side, case, skin, shell, crust, husk, covering, outer layer, sheath, facade, elevation, front, frontage
    [Antonyms] inside
  • 2 the outside of the bend
    outer/longer edge, edge, the long way round
    [Antonyms] inside
  • adjective

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  • 1 go and put the outside lights on
    [Antonyms] inside
  • 2 this work is to be carried out by outside contractors
    independent, consultant, consulting, hired, temporary, freelance, casual, visiting, non-resident, external, extramural, peripatetic;
    extraneous, extrinsic, outward, alien, foreign
  • 3 an outside chance
    slight, slender, slim, small, tiny, faint, negligible, marginal, remote, distant, vague, unlikely, improbable;
  • adverb

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  • they went outside shall we eat outside?
    outdoors, out of doors, out of the house, on the outside, externally, exteriorly
    [Antonyms] inside
  • Word links

    ecto- related prefix, as in ectoderm, ectoplasm
    exo- related prefix, as in exoskeleton, exocrine
    extra- related prefix, as in extramural, extravehicular

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