Synonyms of pack in English:



  • 1 a pack of cigarettes
    packet, container, package, box, crate, carton, parcel
  • 2 he could climb two or three peaks a day carrying a 50-pound pack
  • 3 a pack of wolves
    group, herd, troop
  • 4 a pack of youngsters who spent all their time together
  • verb

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  • 1 she helped pack the hamper
    fill, fill up, put things in, load, stuff, cram
  • 2 it took only a few minutes to pack their belongings
    stow, put away, store, box up, crate; put in a case/trunk
  • 3 the glasses were packed tightly in straw
    wrap (up), package, parcel, tie (up), swathe, swaddle, encase, enfold, envelop, cloak, bale, bundle, cover (up), protect
  • 4 Christmas shoppers packed the store
  • 5 wet the cloth and pack it against the wall
    compress, press, squash, squeeze, jam, tamp, ram, thrust, force, wedge, crush, flatten
  • Phrases

    pack something in

  • 1 one of the models has packed in her day job
    resign from, leave, give up, drop, abandon, renounce, relinquish
    informal quit, chuck, jack in
  • 2 he might have to pack in smoking
    give up, abstain from, drop, desist from, refrain from, steer clear of, give a wide berth to, reject, eschew, forswear, avoid, discontinue
    informal quit, leave off, kick
    archaic forsake
  • informal

    pack someone off

    informal the best thing is to pack the kiddies off to Grandmasend offdispatchdismissbundle off informalsend packing

    pack up

  • 1 something electrical is bound to pack up over Christmas
    break down, stop working, cease to work/function, fail, give out, stall, come to a halt, develop a fault, malfunction, go wrong, break, act up, be defective/faulty, crash
    informal conk out, go kaput, go phut
    British informal play up
  • 2 there's no point worrying—if you do, it's time to pack up
    stop, call it a day, break off, quit, desist, not continue, halt, finish, cease
  • informal

    pack something up

    in the morning, she packed up her belongingsput awaytidy up/awayclear up/awaystorestow

    Definition of pack in:

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