Synonyms of pall in English:



  • 1 the coffin lay under a rich velvet pall
    funeral cloth, coffin covering
  • 2 a pall of black smoke hung over the quarry
    cloud, covering, cloak, mantle, veil, shroud, layer, blanket, sheet, curtain, canopy
  • Phrases

    cast a pall over

    the news cast a pall over the occasion
    spoil, take the fun/enjoyment/pleasure out of, cast a shadow over, overshadow, envelop in gloom, darken, cloud, put a damper on, mar, blight

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    Synonyms of pall in English:



  • two years of pandering to bloated businessmen began to pall
    become/grow tedious, become/grow boring, become/grow tiresome, lose its/their interest, lose attraction, wear off, cloy;
    bore, tire, fatigue, weary, sicken, nauseate;
    irritate, irk
  • Definition of pall in: