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below par

  • 1 the team's performances have been consistently below par
    substandard, inferior, not up to standard, not up to scratch, under par, below average, lacking, wanting, second-rate, mediocre, middling, poor, bad, inadequate, unsatisfactory, uninspired, undistinguished
    informal not up to snuff
    North American informal bush-league
  • 2 I'm feeling a bit below par this evening
    slightly unwell, not (very) well, not oneself, not in good shape, out of sorts; ill, ailing, unwell, poorly, indisposed; unhealthy, unfit, washed out, run down, tired, fatigued, peaky, liverish; sick, queasy, nauseous; Britishoff, off colour
    informal under the weather, not up to snuff, funny, peculiar, crummy, lousy, rough
    British informal ropy, grotty
    Scottish informal wabbit
    Australian/New Zealand informal crook
    dated seedy, queer
  • on a par with

    a degree of training on a par with the best cathedral choirs England has to offeras good ascomparable within the same class/league asequivalent tomuch the same asequal toa match foron a level withon an equal footing withof the same standard as

    par for the course

    long hours are par for the course in cateringnormaltypicalstandardusualpredictablewhat one would expectonly to be expected

    up to par

    those students whose grades are up to pargood enoughup to the marksatisfactoryacceptableadequatepassableup to scratchall right informalOKup to snuff

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