Synonyms of part in English:



  • 1 the last part of the cake a large part of life is spent at the workplace
    bit, slice, chunk, lump, hunk, wedge, fragment, scrap, segment, piece; portion, share, proportion, percentage, fraction, division, section
    [Antonyms] whole entirety
  • 2 some car parts are now assembled by people working at home
  • 3 some of pigs' body parts are very much like ours
    organ, limb, member, biological structure
  • 4 this chapter links the second and third parts of the book
    section, division, component, volume, chapter, passage, act, scene, episode, instalment
  • 5 her parents lived in another part of the country
  • 6 one of the boy actors played the part of Juliet
    role, theatrical role, character, persona, representation, portrayal, depiction
  • 7 I don't care how long he's had to learn the part
    lines, words, script, dialogue, speech, libretto, book, lyrics, score
  • 8 he was jailed for his part in the affair
    involvement, role, function, hand, job, task, work, responsibility, capacity, post, position, office, participation, bit, contribution, concern, province
  • Phrases

    for the most part

    See most

    in part

    inflation is caused in part by indirect tax increases
    [Antonyms] completely
    to a certain extent/degreeto a limited extent/degreeto some extent/degreepartlypartiallyhalfin some measurerelativelycomparativelymoderately(up) to a pointa littlesomewhatnot totallynot whollynot entirelynot fullyincompletelyslightlyfractionally informalish

    on the part of

    there is increased interest in these coins on the part of collectorsbymade bydone bycarried out bycaused byfrominoffor which someone is responsible

    in good part

    See good

    take part

    anyone interested is welcome to take partparticipatejoin inget involvedentergo in for somethingthrow oneself into somethingshare in somethingplay a partplay a rolebe a participantpartakecontributebe associatedassociate oneselfhave a handhave something to do with somethingbe (a) party to somethingcooperatehelpassistlend a hand informalget in on the actpitch in

    take part in

    the cadets are obliged to take part in adventurous trainingparticipate inengage inenter intojoin inget involved ingo in forthrow oneself intoshare inplay a part inplay a role inbe a participant inpartake incontribute tobe associated withassociate oneself withhave a hand inhave something to do withbe (a) party to

    take someone's part

    an attack would drive Count William to take his son's part
    [Antonyms] turn against
    supportgive one's support totake the side ofside withbe on the side ofstand bystand up forstick up forbe supportive ofencouragebackback upgive one's backing toupholdbe loyal todefendcome to the defence ofchampionally (oneself) withassociate oneself withfavourabetaid and abet


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  • 1 the curtains parted and the show began he knelt down and parted the heather with his hands
    separate, divide, divide in two, split, split in two, break up; move apart
    rare disjoin
    [Antonyms] join
  • 2 if we part like this I may never see him again
    leave, take one's leave, say goodbye/farewell/adieu, say one's goodbyes, say/make one's farewells, separate, break up, go one's (separate) ways, take oneself off, set off, be on one's way, go, go away, get going, depart, be off
    informal split, push off, hit the road, skedaddle, scram, shove off
    [Antonyms] arrive, meet
  • Phrases

    part company with

    here we will again part company with the consensusdisagree withfail to agree withexpress disagreement withbe at variance/odds withargue withtake issue withdecline/refuse to supportnot ratifyprotest againstobject todisputechallengequibble over

    part with

    she had no wish to part with any of her land
    [Antonyms] acquire
    give uprelinquishforgosurrenderhand overdeliver uplet go ofrenouncegive awaydispose ofdiscardabandonsacrificeyieldcede


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  • a part payment is refundable
    incomplete, partial, half, semi-, demi-, near, moderate, limited, slight, inadequate, insufficient, unfinished
    [Antonyms] complete
  • adverb

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  • the engine components can be supplied part finished
    to a certain extent/degree, to a limited extent/degree, to some extent/degree, partly, partially, in part, half, in some measure, relatively, comparatively, moderately, (up) to a point, a little, somewhat; not totally, not wholly, not entirely, not fully, incompletely, nearly, very nearly, almost, just about, all but; slightly, barely, scarcely, fractionally, inadequately, insufficiently, not nearly
    [Antonyms] completely
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