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Synonyms of party in English:


  • 1 150 people attended the party
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social;
    dance, ball, ceilidh, frolic, carousal, carouse;
    North American  fete, hoedown, shower, bake, cookout, levee;
    Australian/New Zealand  corroboree;
    West Indian  bashment;
    Hawaiian luau;
    Spanish tertulia;
    Jewish  simcha
    informal bash, shindig, shindy, rave, blowout, beer-up, disco, do, shebang, bop, hop, whoopee, after-party
    Irish informal hooley, crack
    North American informal blast, wingding, kegger
    Australian/New Zealand informal shivoo, rage, ding, jollo, rort
    South African informal jol
    dated squash, squeeze, ding-dong
  • 2 a party of British tourists arrived
    informal bunch, crew, gaggle, posse, load
  • 3 left-wing parties were highly critical of the proposals
    faction, political party, group, grouping, side, alliance, affiliation, association, coalition, movement, cabal, junta, bloc, camp, set, caucus, sect
  • 4 a certain party's name is not to be mentioned
    person, individual, human being, somebody, someone
    informal character
  • 5 the trial judge must apportion blame between the parties
  • Phrases

    be a party to
    I am not going to be a party to their plan for nabbing you
    get involved in/with, be associated with, concern/involve oneself in, be a participant in, touch, handle


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  • let's party!
    celebrate, have fun, enjoy oneself, have a party, have a good/wild time, rave it up, carouse, make merry
    informal go out on the town, paint the town red, whoop it up, let one's hair down, make whoopee, have a night on the tiles, live it up, have a ball, go on a bender, push the boat out, go on a spree
    South African informal jol
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