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Synonyms of passage in English:


  • 1 only one incident marred their passage through the country the passage of sound through water
    transit, progress, passing, movement, moving, motion, going, crossing, travelling, traversal, traverse
  • 2 the passage of time
    passing, advance, course, march, moving on, flow
  • 3 they obtained a passage to Ajaccio from the French Minister of Culture
    safe conduct, entry, admission, access;
    permission/authorization to travel through, leave to travel in;
    warrant, visa
  • 4 the overnight passage to Aberdeen was wild and stormy
    voyage, crossing, trip, cruise, sail;
    journey, tour, trek
  • 5 police officers cleared a passage to the front door
    way, way through, route, path, course
  • 6 a small passage led to the kitchen
  • 7 a passage between the buildings
    alley, alleyway, lane, path, pathway, way, footpath, track, trackway, road, thoroughfare;
    Scottish & Northern English  ginnel, snicket, vennel, wynd, twitten;
    North American  areaway;
    North American & West Indian  trace;
    Indian  gully
  • 8 food and air passages the nasal passages
    orifice, opening, aperture, hole, channel;
    inlet, outlet
  • 9 an abrupt passage from the darkness of the Middle Ages to the light of the Renaissance
    transition, development, progress, progression, move, change, shift, conversion, metamorphosis
  • 10 the passage of a Private Member's Bill
    enactment, passing, ratification, acceptance, approval, adoption, authorization, sanction, validation, legalization, endorsement
  • 11 a passage from ‘Macbeth’
    extract, excerpt, quotation, quote, citation, cite, reading, section, piece, selection, part, snippet, fragment, portion;
    text, paragraph, verse, stanza, canto, line, sentence, phrase
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