Synonyms of past in English:



  • 1 memories of times past writers from past centuries
  • 2 the past few months
    last, recent, preceding, latter
  • 3 a past chairman of the society
    previous, former, prior, foregoing, late, erstwhile, as was, one-time, sometime, ex-
    formal quondam
    archaic whilom
    [Antonyms] present, future
  • noun

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  • she gave little away about her past
    history, background, life story, life, experience, career to date, biography
  • Phrases

    in the past

    some of the shelters may have been habitation sites in the pastformerlypreviouslyin days/years/times gone byin bygone daysback in the dayin former timesin the (good) old daysat one timein days of oldin the olden daysin olden timesbeforehithertoonceonce upon a timetime was whenin auld lang synelong agoin antiquity literaryin days of yoreof yorein yesteryear


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  • 1 she walked past the cafe
    in front of, by, beyond
  • 2 he's well past retirement age
    beyond, beyond the limits of, in excess of
  • Phrases

    past it

    I was told I was past it when I was 28past one's primenot as young as one wasnot as young as one used to bein one's dotagelong in the toothas old as the hillselderlyoldagedseniorancientvenerabledecrepitdodderingdodderynot long for this world informalover the hillno spring chicken formalsenescent


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  • they averted their eyes and hurried past
    along, by, on
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