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Synonyms of past in English:


  • 1 memories of times past writers from past centuries
  • 2 the past few months
    last, recent, preceding, latter
  • 3 a past chairman of the society
    formal quondam
    archaic whilom
    [Antonyms] present, future
  • noun

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  • she gave little away about her past
    history, background, life story, life, experience, career to date, biography
  • Phrases

    in the past
    some of the shelters may have been habitation sites in the past
    formerly, previously, in days/years/times gone by, in bygone days, back in the day, in former times, in the (good) old days, at one time, in days of old, in the olden days, in olden times;
    before, hitherto, once, once upon a time, time was when, in auld lang syne, long ago, in antiquity
    literary in days of yore, of yore, in yesteryear


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  • 1 she walked past the cafe
    in front of, by, beyond
  • 2 he's well past retirement age
    beyond, beyond the limits of, in excess of
  • Phrases

    past it
    I was told I was past it when I was 28
    past one's prime, not as young as one was, not as young as one used to be;
    elderly, old, aged, senior, ancient, venerable;
    decrepit, doddering, doddery, not long for this world
    informal over the hill, no spring chicken
    formal senescent


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  • they averted their eyes and hurried past
    along, by, on
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