Synonyms of peasant in English:



  • 1 the peasants were driving their cows to market
    agricultural worker, small farmer, rustic, son of the soil, countryman, countrywoman, farmhand, swain, villein, serf; Frenchpaysan; Russianmuzhik, kulak; Spanishcampesino, paisano; Italiancontadino; Egyptianfellah; Indianryot
    archaic carl, cottier, kern, hind
  • 2 he refused to sit with people he called peasants
    lout, boor, oaf, clown, churl, yokel, bumpkin, country bumpkin, village idiot, provincial, barbarian; Irishculchie, bosthoon, bogman
    informal clod, clodhopper, yahoo
    North American informal hayseed, hick, rube, hillbilly
    Australian informal ocker
    Australian/New Zealand informal hoon
    rare bucolic
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