Synonyms of person in English:



  • you were probably the last person to see Glynn alive he's an aggressive person
    human being, individual, man/woman, human, being, living soul, soul, mortal, creature, fellow; figure, personage
    informal character, type, sort, beggar, cookie, customer, critter, bunny, fella
    British informal bloke, chap, bod, geezer, gent
    North American informal guy, gal, dame, dude, hombre
    Australian informal bastard
    informal , dated body, dog
    British informal , dated cove
    British vulgar slang sod, bugger
    archaic wight
  • Phrases

    in person

    the Queen was unable to be there in personphysicallyin the fleshpersonallybodilyactuallyoneselfLatinin propria persona informalas large as life archaicin one's own person

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    homicide killing of a person

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