Synonyms of personal in English:



  • 1 a highly personal style
    [Antonyms] public, general
  • 2 the President made personal campaign appearances
    in person, in the flesh, actual, live, physical
  • 3 our manager will give personal attention to your enquiry
    individual, particular, special, in person
  • 4 I'm sick of you prying into my personal life!
    private, confidential, one's own business, intimate, secret
  • 5 I count him as a personal friend
    intimate, close, dear, great, bosom
  • 6 they have personal knowledge of the situation
  • 7 how dare you make personal remarks!
    derogatory, disparaging, belittling, insulting, critical, rude, slighting, disrespectful, offensive, pejorative
  • personal or personnel?Despite their similar spelling, these words are quite different in meaning. The adjective personal denotes things relating or belonging to an individual ( personal belongings should be clearly marked). One's personal life is private; the expression generally denotes a person's emotions and relationships as distinct from their career. Personnel, on the other hand, is a noun denoting the staff employed by an organization ( no major salary increases for personnel are likely).

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