Synonyms of philosophical in English:



  • 1 a philosophical question
    theoretical, analytical, rational, metaphysical, logical, reasoned, esoteric, scholarly, erudite
  • 3 training officers have learnt to be philosophical about such mishaps
    calm, composed, cool, collected, {cool, calm, and collected}, self-possessed, serene, tranquil, placid, stoical, impassive, sober, dispassionate, detached, unemotional, phlegmatic, unperturbed, imperturbable, equable, unruffled, patient, forbearing, long-suffering, tolerant, accommodating, indulgent, easy-going, even-tempered, restrained, fatalistic, unexcitable, resigned, rational, logical, realistic, practical
    informal unflappable
    [Antonyms] emotional, upset
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