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come/fall to pieces

one large transport came to pieces in space it splintered loudly and fell to pieces under his weight break upbreakbreak open/apartshattersplinterfractureburst apartexplodeblow apartimplodedisintegratefall apartcollapsebreak downtumble downsmashsmash to smithereens informalbust technicalspall rareshiver

give a piece of one's mind to

I'm going to confront my brother and give him a piece of my mind reprimandrebukescoldadmonishreproveupbraidchastisechidecensurecastigatelambasteberatelecturecriticizetake to taskread the Riot Act tohaul over the coals informaltell offgive someone a telling-offdress downgive someone a dressing-downbawl outpitch intolay intolace intoblow up atgive someone an earfulgive someone a roastinggive someone a rocketgive someone a rollickingBritish informalhave a go atcarpettear someone off a stripgive someone what forlet someone have itNorth American informalchew outream outBritish vulgar slangbollockgive someone a bollocking

go/fall to pieces

he went to pieces when his wife died have a (mental/nervous) breakdownbreak downgo out of one's mindcracksnaplose controllose one's headfall apart informalcrack upcome/fall apart at the seamsdisintegratefreakfreak outget in a stewBritish informalgo into a (flat) spin

in one piece

in pieces

  • 2 this man's only ambition appeared to be to cut him in pieces
    apart, up, to pieces
    literary asunder

(all) of a piece

the rounded-off curves of the figure's body make her seem of a piece with the curlicued chair the first three objections are all of a piece
[Antonyms] different unlike
similaralike(exactly) the sameindistinguishableundistinguishableidenticaluniformof the same kindtwininterchangeableundifferentiatedhomogeneouscut from the same clothconsistentunvaryingcorrespondingcorrespondentcommensurateequivalentmatchinglikeparallelanalogouscomparablecognateequal informallike (two) peas in a podmuch of a muchness(like) Tweedledum and Tweedledee

piece of the action

when great new technologies come along, everybody wants a piece of the action shareportionbitcutquotapercentagecommissiondividend informalwhackslice of the cakerake-off

piece of cake

a career is a piece of cake compared to this being a single mother isn't the piece of cake she thought it would be easy taskeasy jobchild's playnothingfive-finger exercisegiftwalkoversinecure informalbreezedoddlewalk in the parkpicnicmoney for old ropemoney for jamcinchsitterkids' stuffcushy job/numberdosscakewalkpushoverNorth American informalduck soupsnapAustralian/New Zealand informalbludgesnackSouth African informala piece of old tackieBritish vulgar slanga piece of piss datedsnip

tear/pull someone/something to pieces

theatre critics would tear the production to pieces criticizeattackcensurecondemndenigratefind fault withgive a bad press topillorymaullambasteflaysavage informalknockslampanbashtake apartcrucifyhammerlay intoroastskewerBritish informalslaterubbishslag offmonsterNorth American informalpummelcut upAustralian/New Zealand informalbag rareexcoriate


piece something together

it might be possible to piece the photographs together investigators are now trying to piece together what happened put togetherassemblecomposeconstructjoin upfit togetherjoinunitereassemblereconstructput back togethermendrepairpatch upsew (up)build up a picture/impression of

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