Synonyms of pin in English:



  • 1 fasten the hem with a pin
  • 2 a broken pin in the machine
  • 3 they wore pins that read ‘Kindness to all animals’
    badge, brooch, sticker
  • Phrases

    on pins and needles

    I'll be on pins and needles till they get herein suspensewaiting with bated breathanxiousnervousapprehensiveworriedworried sickon edgeedgytensestrainedstressedagitatedin a state of nervesin a state of agitationfretfulrestlessworked upkeyed upoverwroughtwrought upstrung outjumpywith one's stomach in knotswith one's heart in one's mouthlike a cat on a hot tin rooffidgetyBritishnervy informalwith butterflies in one's stomachjitterytwitchyin a stateuptightwiredin a stewin a ditherall of a ditherin a sweatin a flapin a tizz/tizzyall of a latherhet upin a twitterwaiting for the axe to fallBritish informalstrung upwindyhaving kittensall of a doodahNorth American informalspookysquirrellyin a twitAustralian/New Zealand informaltoeyBritish vulgar slangshitting bricksbricking oneself datedoverstrung


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  • 1 she pinned the brooch to her dress
  • 2 they had to pin me to the ground
    hold, restrain, press, pinion, constrain, hold fast, hold down, immobilize
  • Phrases

    pin someone/something down

  • 1 your supporting troops can just as easily pin down the enemy from a distance
    confine, trap, hem in, corner, close in, shut in, hedge in, pen in, restrain, entangle, enmesh, immobilize
  • 2 she tried to pin him down to something definite
    make someone commit themselves, constrain, force, compel, pressure, put pressure on, pressurize, tie down, nail down
  • 3 it evoked some distant memory but he couldn't quite pin it down
    define, put one's finger on, put into words, put words to, express in words, express, designate, name, specify, identify, pinpoint, place, home in on
  • pin something on

    he was scared they'd pin the crime on himblame something onlay the blame for something onattribute something toimpute something toascribe something toblame someone for somethinghold someone responsible for somethinglay something at someone's door informalstick something on

    pin one's hopes/faith on

    I didn't pin my hopes on anything as I know what men can be likerely oncount ondepend onplace reliance onlean onbank ontrustbe sure oftrust inplace one's trust inhave (every) confidence inbelieve input one's faith inswear bytake for grantedtake on trusttake as read

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