Synonyms of pink in English:



  • rosy, rose, rose-coloured, rosé, pale red, salmon, salmon-pink, shell-pink; flesh-coloured, flushed, blushing
  • noun

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  • those who are in the pink of condition
    prime, perfection, best, finest, top form, height, highest level, upper limit, limit; utmost, peak of perfection, uttermost, greatest, extreme, extremity, ceiling; epitome, apex, zenith, acme, bloom, blossoming, flowering, full flowering; Latinne plus ultra
  • Phrases

    in the pink

    in good healthin perfect healthvery healthyvery wellhale and heartybursting with healthin rude healthbloomingflourishingthrivingvigorousstronglustyrobustboundingin fine fettlefit(as) fit as a flea(as) fit as a fiddlein tip-top conditionin excellent shape

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