Synonyms of plane in English:



  • 1 a horizontal plane
    flat surface, level surface;
    the flat, horizontal
  • 2 trying to reach a higher plane of achievement
    level, stage, degree, standard, stratum;
    position, rung, echelon, footing
  • adjective

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  • a plane surface
    flat, level, horizontal, even, flush, levelled, true;
    smooth, regular, uniform
    technical planar
    rare homaloidal
  • verb

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  • 1 seagulls swooped and planed overhead
    soar, glide, float, drift, wheel
  • 2 boats planing across the water
    skim, glide
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    Synonyms of plane in English:



  • the plane crashed close to the airport
    British aeroplane;
    North American airplane, ship
    informal bird
    British informal , dated kite
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