Synonyms of plough in English:



  • 1 the fields had been ploughed
    cultivate, till, work, furrow, harrow, ridge, break up, turn up
  • 2 the car overturned and ploughed into a lamp post
    career, plunge, crash, smash, bulldoze, hurtle, cannon, lurch, drive, run, careen
    North American informal barrel
  • 3 they ploughed their way through deep snow
    trudge, plod, toil, clump, push one's way, wade, flounder, press, move laboriously
    informal slog
    British informal trog
  • Phrases

    plough into

    it begins to look as though the plane will plough into the watercrash intosmash intocollide withbe in collision withhitstrikeramsmack intoslam intobang intomeet head-onrun intodrive intobump intocrack into/againstdash againstNorth Americanimpact

    plough something into

    profits from sales of the work are ploughed into further commissionsinvest input money intosink money intolay out money onprovide capital forspend money onfundbackfinanceunderwritesubsidizesupportpay forbuy intobuy shares inbuy/take a stake in informalget a piece ofsplash out on

    plough on

    she ploughed on nonetheless and cleared her plateperseverepersistcontinuecarry ongo onkeep at itkeep onkeep goingkeep it upnot give upbe persistentbe determinedsee/follow something throughshow determinationpress on/aheadplod onstay with somethingnot take no for an answerbe tenaciousbe pertinaciousinsistbe patientbe diligentstand one's groundstand fast/firmhold onhold outgo the distancestay the coursegrind awaystruggle onhammer awaystop at nothingleave no stone unturned informalplug awaypeg awaystick at itsoldier onhang onstick to one's gunsstick it outhang in therebash on

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