Synonyms of plumb in English:



  • the actor's attempt to plumb the twisted psyche of Richard III
    explore, probe, delve into, search, examine, investigate, scrutinize, inspect, sound out, go into, understand, fathom, get to the bottom of, penetrate, unravel
  • Phrases

    plumb the depths

    she had plumbed the depths of depravity
    find, reach the lowest possible level, reach the lowest point, get down to the bottom, reach the nadir, experience the worst extremes, reach rock bottom


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  • 1 the bullets went plumb through the middle of the screen
    right, exactly, precisely, directly, dead, straight, without interruption
    informal bang, slap, slap bang, smack
  • 3 the bell hangs plumb within the tower of the church
  • adjective

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  • the bird's flight ends with a plumb drop
    vertical, perpendicular, straight
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    Synonyms of plumb in English:



  • he had plumbed in a washing machine
    install, put in, fit, put/set in place
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