Synonyms of pocket in English:



  • 1 a roomy, padded bag with pockets on either side
    compartment, pouch, receptacle, sack, cavity
  • 2 all the jewellery was far beyond her pocket
    means, budget, resources, financial resources, finances, funds, money, capital, assets, wherewithal;
    North American pocketbook
  • 3 there were pockets of disaffection in parts of the country
    area, patch, small area, isolated area, district, region, island, cluster, centre
  • adjective

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  • a pocket dictionary
    North American vest-pocket
    informal pint-sized
  • verb

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  • he was arrested and charged with pocketing $900,000 of his followers' money
    steal, take for oneself, help oneself to, appropriate, misappropriate, thieve, purloin, embezzle, expropriate
    informal filch, swipe, snaffle, lift, rip off, skim
    British informal pinch, nick, half-inch, whip, nobble
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