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Synonyms of poor in English:


  • 1 a poor family
    poverty-stricken, impoverished, necessitous, beggarly, in penury, penurious, impecunious, indigent, needy, needful, in need/want, badly off, low-paid, in reduced circumstances, in straitened circumstances, destitute, hard up, short of money, on one's beam-ends, unable to make ends meet, underprivileged, deprived, penniless, without a sou, as poor as a church mouse, moneyless;
    bankrupt, bust, insolvent, in debt, in the red;
    British  on the breadline, without a penny (to one's name)
    informal broke, flat broke, cleaned out, strapped for cash, strapped, on one's uppers, without two pennies/(brass) farthings to rub together
    British informal stony broke, skint, in Queer Street
    North American informal stone broke
    [Antonyms] rich, wealthy
  • 2 poor workmanship
    substandard, below standard, below par, bad, deficient, defective, faulty, imperfect, inferior, mediocre;
    abject, appalling, abysmal, atrocious, awful, terrible, dismal, dreadful, unsatisfactory, low-grade, second-rate, third-rate, jerry-built, shoddy, crude, tinny, trashy, rubbishy, miserable, wretched, lamentable, deplorable, pitiful, inadequate, insufficient, unacceptable, execrable, frightful
    informal crummy, dire, bum, diabolical, rotten, sad, tatty, tenth-rate
    British informal ropy, duff, rubbish, pants, a load of pants, grotty
    US informal weak sauce
    vulgar slang crap, crappy
    archaic direful
    rare egregious
    [Antonyms] superior
  • 3 a poor crop of apples
    meagre, scanty, scant, paltry, limited, disappointing, restricted, reduced, modest, insufficient, inadequate, sparse, spare, deficient, negligible, insubstantial, skimpy, short, little, lean, small, slight, slender;
    informal measly, stingy, pathetic, piddling
    rare exiguous
    [Antonyms] satisfactory, good
  • 4 poor soil
    unproductive, barren, unyielding, unfruitful, uncultivatable;
    depleted, exhausted, bare, arid, sterile
    rare infecund
    North American rare hardscrabble
    [Antonyms] fertile, productive
  • 5 tropical oceanic waters are generally poor in nutrients
    deficient in, lacking (in), wanting (in), short of/on, low on, missing, with an insufficiency of, with too few/little …
    [Antonyms] rich in
  • 6 you poor thing
    [Antonyms] lucky
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