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  • 1 I am confident of getting a positive response from the commission
    affirmative, favourable, approving, in the affirmative, good, constructive, enthusiastic, supportive, reassuring, encouraging, corroborative
    [Antonyms] negative
  • 2 the results of the blood test were positive
    showing a reaction, affirmative
    [Antonyms] negative
  • 3 do something positive about your problems
  • 4 she seems a lot more positive these days
    optimistic, hopeful, confident, forward-looking, cheerful, sanguine, buoyant, assured
    informal upbeat
    [Antonyms] pessimistic
  • 5 in spite of these positive signs, economists are not predicting a recovery
    favourable, good, pleasing, welcome, promising, encouraging, heartening, propitious, auspicious
    [Antonyms] negative
  • 6 positive proof of identification must be produced
    [Antonyms] doubtful disputable
  • 7 I am positive that he's not coming back
    certain, sure, convinced, confident, satisfied, free from doubt, assured, persuaded
    [Antonyms] uncertain unsure
  • 8 the journey was a positive nightmare
    utter, complete, sheer, absolute, real, total, perfect, out-and-out, pure, outright, thoroughgoing, thorough, downright, unmitigated, unqualified, consummate, veritable, rank, unalloyed
    British informal right, bloody
    Australian/New Zealand informal fair
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    positive, sure, certain, convinced, definite
    See sure

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