Synonyms of pot in English:



  • 1 from below came the rattling of pots in the kitchen
    cooking utensil, container, receptacle, vessel;
    South African potjie;
    Indian lota, surahi
  • 2 glazed earthenware pots filled with geraniums and petunias
  • 3 Jim raked in half the pot
    bank, kitty, pool, purse, stakes, ante, jackpot
  • 4 informal a man with a florid face and a big pot See pot belly
  • Phrases

    go to pot

    the foundry was allowed to go to pot in the seventies
    deteriorate, decline, degenerate, go to (rack and) ruin, go downhill, go to seed, decay, fall into disrepair, become dilapidated, run down, rot, slide
    Australian/New Zealand informal go to the pack

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