Synonyms of present in English:

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present 1


  • 1 a doctor must be present at the ringside
    in attendance, attending, here, there, near, nearby, at hand, close/near at hand, adjacent, available, ready;
    [Antonyms] absent
  • 2 organic compounds are present in the waste
    in existence, existing, existent, extant
    [Antonyms] absent
  • 3 in the present climate jobs are hard to come by
    current, present-day, existing, contemporary, immediate
    archaic instant
    [Antonyms] past, future
  • noun

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  • (the present) forget the past and think about the present
    now, today, the present time, the here and now, this day and age, the present moment, the time being
    [Antonyms] past, future
  • Phrases

    at present
    at present he is very angry
    at the moment, just now, right now, at this time, at the present time, currently, presently, at this moment in time;
    for the present
    for the present she stayed where she was
    for the time being, for now, for the moment, for a while, in the meanwhile, in the meantime, provisionally, temporarily, pro tem
    the present day
    modern times, the present age/time, nowadays, now
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    Synonyms of present in English:

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    present 2


  • 1 Eddy will present the cheque to the winner
    hand over, give, give out, dispense, hand out, confer, bestow, award, grant, donate, gift, accord, extend, entrust, furnish
  • 2 the committee finally presented its report
    submit, set forth, put forward, put up, proffer, offer, show, tender, advance, propose, propound, suggest, venture, bring up, broach, moot, air, ventilate, table, register, lay, lodge, introduce, move, volunteer
  • 3 may I present my wife?
    introduce, make known, acquaint someone with, make acquainted with
  • 4 they presented their new product at an exhibition last month
    demonstrate, show, put on show/display/view, exhibit, display, introduce, launch, unveil;
    parade, flaunt
  • 5 they have a reputation for presenting good quality opera
    stage, put on, put before the public, produce, mount, organize;
    perform, render, act
  • 6 she is to present a breakfast TV show
    host, introduce, announce, compère, anchor, be the presenter of
    North American informal emcee
  • 7 the authorities sought to present him as a common criminal
  • Phrases

    present itself
  • 1 make the most of opportunity when it presents itself
  • present oneself
  • 1 he was ordered to present himself at the office at ten
    be present, make an appearance, appear, attend, turn up, arrive
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    Synonyms of present in English:

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    present 3


  • I got him this tie as a birthday present
    gift, donation, offering, contribution, handout, presentation, bestowal;
    largesse, alms, charity, bonus, award, premium, bounty, boon, favour;
    bequest, legacy, settlement;
    in the Middle and Far East baksheesh;
    French pourboire
    informal prezzie, freebie, perk, sweetener
    formal perquisite
    archaic conferment
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