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Synonyms of pressure in English:


  • 1 a confined gas exerts a constant pressure on the wall of its container
  • 2 we shall not put pressure on you to borrow money
    coercion, force, compulsion, constraint, duress, oppression, enforcement, insistence, demand, entreaty, goading, pestering, provocation, harassment, nagging, harrying, badgering, intimidation, arm-twisting, pressurization, persuasion, influence
    North American informal badassery
  • 3 she had a lot of pressure from work
    strain, stress, tension, heat, burden, load, weight, drain, trouble, care, adversity, difficulty
    informal hassle
  • verb

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  • it might be possible to pressure him into resigning
    coerce, pressurize, press, push, persuade, influence, force, squeeze, bulldoze, hound, harass, nag, harry, badger, goad, prod, pester, browbeat, brainwash, bully, bludgeon, intimidate, dragoon, twist someone's arm, strong-arm;
    bring pressure to bear on, use pressure on, put pressure on, lean on;
    North American  blackjack
    North American informal hustle, fast-talk
  • Word links

    baro- related prefix, as in barotrauma
    barometer, barograph device for measuring atmospheric pressure
    sphygmomanometer instrument for measuring blood pressure
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