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Synonyms of prevail in English:


  • 1 we can only hope that common sense will prevail
    win, win out, win through, triumph, be victorious, be the victor, gain the victory, carry the day, carry all before one, finish first, come out ahead, come out on top, succeed, prove superior, conquer, overcome, gain/achieve mastery, gain ascendancy;
    take the crown, gain the palm, rule, reign
  • 2 the excellent conditions that prevailed in the 1950s
    exist, be in existence, be present, be the case, hold, obtain, occur, be prevalent, be current, be rife, be rampant, be the order of the day, be customary, be established, be common, be widespread, be in force, be in effect;
    abound, hold sway, predominate, preponderate;
    endure, survive, persist
  • Phrases

    prevail on/upon
    Jane had prevailed on Dorothy to come
    persuade, induce, talk someone into, coax, convince, make, get, press someone into, win someone over, sway, bring someone round, argue someone into, urge, pressure someone into, pressurize someone into, bring pressure to bear on, coerce, influence, prompt;
    cajole, wheedle someone into, get round, prod someone into, reason someone into;
    Law  procure
    informal sweet-talk, soft-soap, twist someone's arm, smooth-talk
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