Synonyms of price in English:



  • 1 the purchase price of a car
    cost, asking price, selling price, charge, fee, terms, payment, rate, fare, levy, toll, amount, sum, total, figure; worth, (monetary) value; outlay, expense, expenses, expenditure, bill; valuation, quotation, estimate
    informal damage
  • 2 she accepted spinsterhood as the price of her career
    consequence, result, cost, toll, penalty, sacrifice, forfeit, forfeiture; downside, snag, drawback, disadvantage, minus; trial, torment, bane, tribulation, affliction, suffering, burden, trouble, worry, deprivation, undesirable consequence
    [Antonyms] reward, advantage
  • 3 he had a price on his head
    reward, bounty, premium; recompense, compensation
  • Phrases

    at a price

    the software is available, but at a priceat a high price/costat considerable costfor a great deal of money

    at any price

    it's not for sale at any price my father was a gentle person, wanting peace at any pricewhatever the pricewhatever the costat whatever costno matter (what) the costcost what it mayregardless

    beyond price

    the Crown Jewels are of course beyond priceof incalculable value/worthof inestimable value/worthof immeasurable value/worthinvaluablepricelesswithout priceworth its weight in goldworth a king's ransomirreplaceableincomparableunparalleledexpensivecostlyhigh-pricedat a premiumrichdearrarechoicefineexquisiteprecioustreasuredprizedcherished


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  • a family day ticket is priced at £5.00
    fix/set the price of, put a price on, cost, value, rate, evaluate, assess, estimate, appraise, assay
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