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Synonyms of principle in English:


  • 1 the most elementary principles of physics
    truth, proposition, concept, idea, theory, postulate;
  • 2 they stuck to the principle of laissez-faire
    doctrine, belief, creed, credo, attitude, rule, golden rule, guideline, formula, standard, criterion, tenet, truism, code, ethic, maxim, motto, axiom, aphorism, notion, dictum, dogma, canon, law
  • 3 a woman of principle he was applauded for sticking to his principles
    morals, morality, moral standards, moral values, ethics, code of ethics, beliefs, credo, ideals, standards, integrity, uprightness, high-mindedness, righteousness, virtue, probity, rectitude, sense of honour, honour, decency, conscience, sense of duty, scruples
  • Phrases

    in principle
  • 1 there is no reason, in principle, why we couldn't work together
    in theory, theoretically, on paper, in an ideal world;
    French en principe
  • 2 he has accepted the idea in principle
    in general, on balance, generally, in essence, by and large, on the whole, all in all, in the main, all things considered, taking everything into consideration
  • principle or principal?Although the words principle and principal are pronounced in the same way, they do not have the same meaning. Principle is a noun meaning ‘a fundamental basis of a system of thought or belief’, as in this is one of the basic principles of democracy. Principal, on the other hand, is normally an adjective meaning ‘main or most important’, as in one of the country's principal cities. Principal can also be a noun, where it is used to refer to the most senior or most important person in an organization or other group ( the deputy principal).

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