Synonyms of print in English:



  • 1 four newspapers are printed in the town
    set in print, send to press, run off, preprint, reprint, pull, proof, copy, reproduce; Computinglist, dump
    informal put to bed, litho
  • 2 patterns of birds, flowers, and trees were printed on the cloth
    imprint, impress, stamp, mark, brand; punch, inscribe, engrave, chase, etch, carve, deboss, emboss
  • 3 they printed 30,000 copies of the offending magazine
    publish, issue, release, disseminate, circulate, propagate, purvey
  • 4 one particular incident is indelibly printed on her memory
    register, record, note, impress, imprint, engrave, etch, stamp, mark, brand, set, ingrain
  • noun

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  • 1 the print was very small
    type, printing, letters, lettering, characters, type size, typeface, face, font; Britishfount
  • 2 there were fresh prints of the deceased's left hand on the bottle
    impression, fingerprint, mark; footprint
  • 3 the picture was supposed to be a print of the Coventry tapestry
  • 4 there was a print of a hunting scene on one wall
    picture, design, engraving, etching, lithograph, silk screen, linocut, monoprint, plate, cut, woodcut, vignette
  • 5 the processor sends you the prints and negatives
  • 6 our room was luxuriously furnished with soft floral prints
    printed material/cloth/fabric, patterned material/cloth/fabric, chintz
  • Phrases

    in print

  • 1 he looks forward to seeing his work in print
    printed, in black and white, on paper; published, out, on the streets
  • 2 they continued to keep the book in print and supply it
    published, printed, available in bookshops, obtainable in the shops, in circulation, on the market, on the shelves
  • out of print

    this volume is now out of printno longer longer published/printednot on the market

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