Synonyms of private in English:



  • 1 his private plane
    personal, one's own, individual, particular, special, exclusive, privately owned
    [Antonyms] public
  • 2 his private talks with the UK prime minister
    confidential, strictly confidential, secret, top secret, classified, unofficial, off the record, not for publication, not to be made public, not to be disclosed, closet; backstage, offstage, privileged, one-on-one, tête-à-tête; covert, clandestine, surreptitious; Latinin camera
    informal hush-hush
    [Antonyms] open public
  • 3 their private thoughts on the subject
  • 4 he was a very private man
    [Antonyms] extrovert
  • 5 he hustled her away, searching for some private spot
    secluded, secret, quiet, undisturbed, concealed, hidden, remote, isolated, out of the way, sequestered
    [Antonyms] busy crowded
  • 6 we can phone from the library—we'll be private in there
    undisturbed, uninterrupted, without disturbance, without interruption; alone, by ourselves
  • 7 he would continue to represent her in a private capacity as advisor and confidant
    [Antonyms] official
  • 8 80 per cent of the funding came from private industry
    independent, non-state-controlled, non-state-run, privatized, denationalized, non-public, commercial, private-enterprise
    [Antonyms] public nationalized state-controlled
  • noun

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  • a private in the army
    private soldier, common soldier; infantryman, foot soldier, trooper; Britishsapper, ranker; in the USGI, enlisted man; Frenchpoilu; Indianjawan
    British informal Tommy, squaddie, Tommy Atkins
    North American informal grunt, buck private
    Australian/New Zealand informal digger
    South African informal troopie
    archaic swad, swaddy
  • Phrases

    in private

    the inquiry will be held in private
    [Antonyms] in public
    in secretsecretlyin secrecyprivatelybehind closed doorsin camerawith no one else presentin confidenceconfidentiallybetween ourselvesoff the recordLatinsub rosaFrenchentre nousà huis clos

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