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pro bono (publico)

architects and engineers were all working pro bono for the nonprofit museum he will act as pro bono advisor to the companyfreegratisunpaidunrewardedunsalariedfree of chargewithout chargefor nothingat no costwithout paymentfor the common goodgratuitouscomplimentaryvoluntaryvolunteer informalfor freeon the houseBritish informalbuckshee

pro tem

he allows his son to move back home, pro tem, after his house is destroyed in a fire
[Antonyms] permanently
temporarilyfor the time beingfor the momentfor nowfor the presentin the interimfor the noncein/for the meantimein the meanwhilefor a short timefor a short/little whilebrieflymomentarilyfleetinglyprovisionallyLatinpro temporead interimFrenchen attendant

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