Synonyms of proceed in English:



  • 1 after almost six weeks, she was still uncertain how to proceed
    begin, make a start, get going, move, set something in motion; take action, act, go on, take steps, take measures, go ahead, make progress, make headway
  • 2 he turned off the road and proceeded down the long drive
    go, make one's way, advance, move, move forward, move along, progress, carry on, press on, push on
    [Antonyms] stop
  • 3 the government confirmed its decision to proceed with the investigations
    go ahead, carry on, go on, continue, keep on, get on, get ahead; pursue, prosecute
  • 4 there is not enough evidence to proceed against him
    take to court, start proceedings against, take proceedings against, begin an action against, start an action against, sue
  • 5 his claim that all power proceeded from God
    originate, have its origin, spring, stem, come, derive, arise, issue, flow, emanate, descend, result, follow, ensue, begin, emerge, start
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