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Synonyms of proportion in English:


  • 1 only a small proportion of the land can be farmed
    part, portion, amount, quantity, bit, piece, percentage, section, segment, share, quota, division, fraction, measure
  • 2 the proportion of water to alcohol
    ratio, distribution, relative amount/number;
  • 3 serious photographers interested in line and proportion should find the exhibition instructive
    balance, symmetry, harmony, correspondence, correlation, congruity, agreement, concord
  • 4 (proportions) men of huge proportions an achievement of quite extraordinary proportions
  • Phrases

    in proportion to
    the amount of land in proportion to our needs is still large
    relative to, proportionate to, proportional to, commensurate with, corresponding to
    out of (all) proportion
    they had an impact out of all proportion to their size
    incommensurate with, disproportionate to, relatively too large/small for, not appropriate for;
    out of keeping with, at odds with;
    insufficient, inadequate;
    excessive, inordinate, unreasonable
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