Synonyms of prune in English:



  • 1 it will soon be time to prune the apple trees
    cut back, trim, thin, thin out, pinch back, crop, clip, shear, pollard, top, dock;
  • 2 prune lateral shoots of wisteria
    cut off, lop (off), chop off, hack off, clip, snip (off), nip off, dock, sever, detach, remove
  • 3 companies are pruning their headquarters teams in an attempt to save money
    reduce, cut, cut back, cut down, cut back on, pare, pare down, slim down, make reductions in, make cutbacks in, trim, whittle away/down, salami-slice, decrease, diminish, axe, shrink, minimize;
    eliminate, get rid of, do away with
    informal slash
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