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Synonyms of public in English:


  • 1 the public sector of the economy
    state, national, federal, government;
    constitutional, democratic, civic, civil, official, social, municipal, community, local;
    [Antonyms] private
  • 2 there is a great public demand for information on food
    popular, general, common, communal, collective, shared, joint, universal, widespread
  • 3 Stukeley was already a well-known physician and public figure
    prominent, well known, in the public eye, leading, important, eminent, pre-eminent, recognized, distinguished, notable, noteworthy, noted, outstanding, foremost, of mark;
    illustrious, celebrated, famous, renowned, acclaimed, famed, honoured, esteemed, respected, well thought of, influential, prestigious
    [Antonyms] obscure, unknown
  • 4 plans are afoot to ban smoking in public places
    open (to the public), communal, not private, not exclusive, accessible to all, available, free, unrestricted, community
    [Antonyms] private, restricted
  • 5 he never made his views public
    known, widely known, overt, plain, obvious, in circulation, published, publicized, exposed
    [Antonyms] secret
  • Phrases

    the public eye
    an individual may be momentarily in the public eye, but such notoriety rarely lasts
    the spotlight, the limelight, the glare of publicity, prominence;
    the focus of interest, the focus of attention


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  • 1 the opinion polls do not reflect the true opinions of the British public
  • 2 he was adored by his public and his pupils
  • Phrases

    in public
    [Antonyms] secretly
    publicly, in full view of people/the public, openly, in the open, for all to see, undisguisedly, blatantly, flagrantly, brazenly, with no attempt at concealment, overtly, boldly, audaciously, unashamedly, shamelessly, unabashed, wantonly, immodestly;

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