Synonyms of purge in English:



  • 1 the experience has purged them of the desire to doubt
    cleanse, clear, purify, wash, shrive, absolve, free someone from;
    make someone pure
    rare lustrate
  • 2 the party was purged of the so-called ‘capitalist roaders’
    rid, clear, cleanse, empty, strip, scour, void
    rare depurate
  • 3 human rights violators would be purged from the army
    remove, get rid of, clear out, sweep out, expel, eject, exclude, evict, dismiss, sack, oust, axe, depose, eradicate, root out, weed out, scour
    informal defenestrate
  • noun

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  • the purge of the dissidents from the party
    informal defenestration
    rare deposal
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