Synonyms of put in English:



  • 1 she put the parcel on a chest in the hall
    place, set, put down, set down, lay, lay down, deposit, situate, position, settle; leave, stow, prop, lean, plant, pose
    informal stick, dump, bung, park, plonk, pop
    North American informal plunk
    rare posit
  • 2 Preston didn't see that he could be put in either category
  • 3 don't try and put the blame on me
  • 4 the proposals put to the Finance Committee on 9 December
  • 5 to put it bluntly, he gets on my nerves
  • 6 legal experts put the cost of bringing the case to court at more than £8,000
    estimate, calculate, reckon, gauge, assess, evaluate, value, judge, measure, compute, establish, fix, set, guess
    informal guesstimate
  • Phrases

    put something about

    the rumour had been deliberately put about by the authoritiesspread (about/around)circulatemake publicmake knowndisseminatebroadcastpublicizepass onpropagateannouncegive outbandy about literarybruit abroad

    put about

    the ship put aboutturn roundchange directioncome/go aboutchange coursealter course

    put something across/over

    the party needs to put across its message more efficiently and effectivelycommunicateget across/overconveyexplainmake clearmake understoodexpressspell outclarifybring something home to someoneget through to someone

    put something aside

  • 1 we've got a little bit put aside in the bank
    save, put/lay by, put away, set/lay aside, put to one side, deposit, reserve, keep in reserve, keep, store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache
    informal salt away, squirrel away, stash away
  • 2 politicians put aside their differences in pursuit of a peaceful political solution
    disregard, set aside, ignore, pay no heed to, forget, discount, shrug off, bury, consign to oblivion
  • put someone away

  • 1 they've got enough on him to put him away for life
    put in prison, put behind bars, imprison, jail, lock up/away, shut up/away, incarcerate, confine
    informal cage
    British informal bang up, send down
    North American informal send up, jug
  • 2 you're trying to convince me I'm senile—you want me put away!
  • informal

    put something away

  • 1 I put away some money every week
    save, put aside, put/lay by, set/lay aside, put to one side, reserve, keep in reserve, deposit, keep, store, stockpile, hoard, stow away, cache
    informal salt away, squirrel away, stash away
  • 2 she doesn't seem to put anything away—there are clothes everywhere
    replace, put back, return to its place, tidy away, tidy up, clear away
  • 3 informal did you see how much food she put away?
    eat, consume, devour, down, gobble up, bolt, wolf down, guzzle; drink, gulp down
    informal polish off, tuck away, demolish, get outside of, pack away, scoff (down), shovel down, pig out on, sink, knock back, get one's laughing gear round
    British informal shift, gollop, bevvy
    North American informal scarf (down/up), snarf (down/up), inhale
  • put something back

  • 1 he put the books back carefully
    replace, return to its place, restore, put away, tidy away
  • 2 they have put back the film's release date to September
    postpone, defer, delay, put off, adjourn, hold over, reschedule, table; North Americanput over, lay something on the table
  • put someone down

  • 1 informal he put me down in front of my own staff
    criticize, belittle, disparage, deprecate, denigrate, take down a peg or two, slight, humiliate, show up, mortify, shame, crush, squash, deflate
    informal have a go at, cut down to size, settle someone's hash
    North American informal make someone eat crow
  • 2 I put him down as shy
    consider to be, judge to be, reckon to be, take to be; regard, categorize, mark down, have down, take for
  • put something down

  • 1 he put his ideas down on paper
    write down, put in writing, note down, make a note of, jot down, take down, set down, put in black and white, list, record, register, log, enter
  • 2 security forces put down the rebellion
    suppress, put an end to, crush, quash, quell, overthrow, stamp out, squash, repress, check, subdue
  • 3 the horse's condition deteriorated and he had to be put down
    destroy, put to sleep, put out of its misery, put to death, kill; North Americaneuthanize
  • 4 I can't imagine what came over me—put it down to the heat
  • put something forward

    recently, another explanation has been put forward he put himself forward for the postproposeofferadvancesubmitpresenttendermoveintroduceprofferset forthtablesuggestnominateput upnamerecommend

    put something in

    Dr Kailey put in a claim for compensationsubmitpresentmakefileenterlodge

    put in for

    some people put in for voluntary redundancyapply forput in an application forrequestseekask fortry for

    put someone off

  • 1 the smell put Lisa off
    deter, discourage, dishearten, demoralize, dissuade, daunt, unnerve, intimidate, scare off; offend, repel, disgust, revolt, repulse, sicken, nauseate
    informal turn off
  • 2 the players weren't put off by the disturbance
    distract, put someone off their stroke, disturb someone's concentration, cause someone to lose their concentration, divert someone's attention, sidetrack
  • put something off

    it's very easy to put off difficult decisionspostponedeferdelayput backadjournhold overrescheduleshelvetableNorth Americanput overlay on the tabletake a rain check on informalput on iceput on the back burner

    put it on

    he laughed but Olivia thought he was putting it onpretendput on an actplay-actmake believefake itgo through the motions

    put something on

  • 1 she put on jeans and a black T-shirt
    get dressed in, dress in, don, clothe oneself in, pull on, climb into, fling on, throw on, pour oneself into, slip into, change into, rig oneself out in
    informal tog oneself up/out in, doll oneself up in
  • 2 I put the landing light on
    switch on, turn on, flick on, power up; activate
  • 3 the obvious solution was for the company to put on an additional train
    provide, lay on, supply, furnish, make available, run
    informal sort out, fix up
  • 4 the museum is putting on an exhibition of Monet's paintings
    organize, stage, mount, present, produce; perform
  • 5 Adam put on an American accent
  • 6 he put a fiver on Thetford Queen and it won
    bet, gamble, stake, wager, place, lay, risk, chance, hazard
  • put one over on

    informal they've been trying to put one over on us and they won't get away with itdeceivetrickhoodwinkmisleadlead astraydeludefooltake indupeoutwitsteal a march onthrow off the scentput on the wrong track informalpull a fast one onpull the wool over someone's eyestake for a rideconbamboozlelead up the garden pathslip something over onsell a pup toNorth American informalgive someone a bum steerAustralian informalpull a swifty on

    put someone out

  • 1 Maria was put out by the slur on her character
    annoy, anger, irritate, offend, affront, displease, exasperate, infuriate, provoke, irk, vex, pique, nettle, gall, upset
    British informal nark
    North American informal bum out
    vulgar slang piss off
  • 2 I'm sure she wouldn't want to put you out, especially when you're feeling unwell
    inconvenience, trouble, bother, impose on, cause inconvenience to, create difficulties for, put someone to any trouble, disoblige
  • put something out

  • 1 firemen put out the blaze
    extinguish, quench, douse, stamp out, smother, beat out; blow out, snuff out; Scottishdout
  • 2 he put out a press release explaining his decision
  • put paid to

    a disastrous fire put paid to their pioneering exploitsforestallthwartfrustratebaulkstand in the way ofscotchderailfoilsmashdashstopcheckblockpreventdefeatimpedeobstructsnookeropposehinderhamper informalput the stopper onput the kibosh ondo forstymieBritish informalscupperput the mockers onnobble

    put together

    the company has put together a bankruptcy planassemblecompilemake upcollatecomposemarshalorganizearrangesort outsystematizesystemizeanthologizegathercollectaccumulateamass

    put someone up

  • 1 we're going to put him up for a few days
    give accommodation to, provide with accommodation, accommodate, house, take in, give a roof to, give a bed to, lodge, quarter, billet
  • 2 the SDLP are expected to put up a candidate
  • put something up

  • 1 the building was put up about 100 years ago
  • 2 she put up a poster advertising the concert
    display, pin up, stick up, hang up, nail up, post
  • 3 they asked local architects to put up alternative schemes
    propose, put forward, present, submit, recommend, suggest, tender
  • 4 unless the economy recovers, they will be forced to put up taxes
    increase, raise, lift
    informal jack up, hike, bump up
  • 5 union leaders put up 90% of the funding
    provide, supply, furnish, give, come up with, contribute, donate, pledge, pay, advance
    North American informal ante up, pony up
  • put upon

    informal his eagerness to please ensured that he was put upontake advantage ofimpose ontake for grantedexploitusemisuse informalwalk all over

    put someone up to

    informal Is this some kind of seduction scene? Did Shirley put you up to it?persuade toencourage tourge tospur on toegg on toincite togoad to

    put up with

    Harriet told him she was not prepared to put up with such behaviourtoleratetakestand (for)acceptstomachswallowendurebearbrooksupportsubmit totake something lying down informalstickabidelump itBritish informalwearbe doing with archaicsuffer

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