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put something about

the rumour had been deliberately put about by the authorities spread (about/around)circulatemake publicmake knowndisseminatebroadcastpublicizepass onpropagateannouncegive outbandy about literarybruit abroad

put about

the ship put about turn roundchange directioncome/go aboutchange coursealter course

put something across/over

the party needs to put across its message more efficiently and effectively communicateget across/overconveyexplainmake clearmake understoodexpressspell outclarifybring something home to someoneget through to someone

put something aside

  • 2 politicians put aside their differences in pursuit of a peaceful political solution
    disregard, set aside, ignore, pay no heed to, forget, discount, shrug off, bury, consign to oblivion

put someone away

put something away

  • 2 she doesn't seem to put anything away—there are clothes everywhere
    replace, put back, return to its place, tidy away, tidy up, clear away

put something back

  • 1 he put the books back carefully
    replace, return to its place, restore, put away, tidy away

put someone down

put something down

  • 3 the horse's condition deteriorated and he had to be put down
    destroy, put to sleep, put out of its misery, put to death, kill; North American euthanize

put something forward

recently, another explanation has been put forward he put himself forward for the post proposeofferadvancesubmitpresenttendermoveintroduceprofferset forthtablesuggestnominateput upnamerecommend

put something in

Dr Kailey put in a claim for compensation submitpresentmakefileenterlodge

put in for

some people put in for voluntary redundancy apply forput in an application forrequestseekask fortry for

put someone off

  • 2 the players weren't put off by the disturbance
    distract, put someone off their stroke, disturb someone's concentration, cause someone to lose their concentration, divert someone's attention, sidetrack

put something off

it's very easy to put off difficult decisions postponedeferdelayput backadjournhold overrescheduleshelvetableNorth Americanput overlay on the tabletake a rain check on informalput on iceput on the back burner

put it on

he laughed but Olivia thought he was putting it on pretendput on an actplay-actmake believefake itgo through the motions

put something on

  • 3 the obvious solution was for the company to put on an additional train
    provide, lay on, supply, furnish, make available, run
    informal sort out, fix up

put one over on

informal they've been trying to put one over on us and they won't get away with it deceivetrickhoodwinkmisleadlead astraydeludefooltake indupeoutwitsteal a march onthrow off the scentput on the wrong track informalpull a fast one onpull the wool over someone's eyestake for a rideconbamboozlelead up the garden pathslip something over onsell a pup toNorth American informalgive someone a bum steerAustralian informalpull a swifty on

put someone out

put something out

put paid to

a disastrous fire put paid to their pioneering exploits forestallthwartfrustratebaulkstand in the way ofscotchderailfoilsmashdashstopcheckblockpreventdefeatimpedeobstructsnookeropposehinderhamper informalput the stopper onput the kibosh ondo forstymieBritish informalscupperput the mockers onnobble

put together

the company has put together a bankruptcy plan assemblecompilemake upcollatecomposemarshalorganizearrangesort outsystematizesystemizeanthologizegathercollectaccumulateamass

put someone up

put something up

  • 2 she put up a poster advertising the concert
    display, pin up, stick up, hang up, nail up, post
  • 4 unless the economy recovers, they will be forced to put up taxes
    increase, raise, lift
    informal jack up, hike, bump up

put upon

informal his eagerness to please ensured that he was put upon take advantage ofimpose ontake for grantedexploitusemisuse informalwalk all over

put someone up to

informal Is this some kind of seduction scene? Did Shirley put you up to it? persuade toencourage tourge tospur on toegg on toincite togoad to

put up with

Harriet told him she was not prepared to put up with such behaviour toleratetakestand (for)acceptstomachswallowendurebearbrooksupportsubmit totake something lying down informalstickabidelump itBritish informalwearbe doing with archaicsuffer

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