Synonyms of quack in English:



  • 1 the man is a quack selling fake medicines
    swindler, charlatan, mountebank, confidence trickster, fraud, fraudster, impostor, trickster, racketeer, hoaxer, sharper, rogue, villain, scoundrel
    British informal twister
    North American informal grifter, bunco artist, chiseller
    Australian informal shicer, magsman, illywhacker
  • 2 get the quack to examine you
    doctor, physician, medical practitioner, medical man/woman/person; Navysurgeon
    informal doc, medic, medico
    archaic leech, sawbones
  • adjective

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  • a quack doctor a quack cancer therapy
    bogus, false, fraudulent, unqualified, not genuine; spurious, sham, imitation, mock, fake, feigned, simulated, dummy, make-believe, so-called, forged, counterfeit, pseudo, pretended
    informal phoney, pretend
    British informal cod
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