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Synonyms of raise in English:


  • 1 Arthur raised a hand in greeting the remains of the ship were eventually raised
    lift, lift up, raise aloft, elevate;
    British informal hoick up
  • 2 he raised the child to a sitting position
    set upright, place vertical, set up, put up, stand (up), upend, stand on end;
    [Antonyms] knock over, lay down
  • 3 there was no alternative but to raise prices
    increase, put up, push up, up, mark up, step up, lift, augment, escalate, inflate, swell, add to
    [Antonyms] lower, reduce
  • 4 I really hope they can raise their game
    improve, boost, lift, enhance, make better, ameliorate, upgrade
  • 5 he raised the volume of his voice slightly they were able to raise public awareness of the issues involved
    increase, heighten, make higher, lift, augment, amplify, magnify, intensify, boost, step up, turn up, add to;
    make louder, louden
    [Antonyms] lower
  • 6 the temple was raised in about 900 BC
    [Antonyms] demolish, raze
  • 7 the yeast created enough gas to raise the thick bread dough
    cause to rise, make rise, leaven, ferment;
    puff up, dilate, inflate
  • 8 how do you propose to raise the money?
    get, obtain, acquire;
    accumulate, amass, scrape together, collect;
    fetch, realize, yield, net, make
    [Antonyms] distribute, spend
  • 9 the city had raised troops to fight for the Government
    recruit, enlist, sign up, conscript, call to arms, call up, muster, mobilize, levy, rally, press, get/gather together, collect, assemble, call together;
    North American  draft
    [Antonyms] stand down, demobilize
  • 10 stamp duty is a tax raised on transfers of ownership
    levy, impose, exact, demand, charge
  • 11 he raised one objection after another
    [Antonyms] withdraw, keep quiet about
  • 12 the disaster raised doubts about the safety of nuclear power
    give rise to, occasion, cause, bring into being, bring about, produce, engender, draw forth, elicit, create, set going, set afoot, result in, lead to, prompt, awaken, arouse, excite, summon up, activate, evoke, induce, kindle, incite, stir up, trigger, spark off, provoke, instigate, foment, whip up
    literary beget, enkindle
    [Antonyms] allay, end
  • 13North American most parents manage to raise their children successfully
    bring up, rear, nurture, look after, care for, take care of, provide for, mother, parent, tend, protect, cherish;
    educate, train, foster
  • 14 he raised cattle in Nebraska
    breed, rear, nurture, keep, tend
  • 15 wheat is also raised in considerable quantity
  • 16 he was raised to the peerage
    promote, advance, upgrade, elevate, prefer, ennoble, aggrandize, exalt, give a higher rank to, give advancement to
    informal kick upstairs
    [Antonyms] demote
  • 17 raids across the border raised the spectre of civil war
    cause to appear, call up, call forth, invoke, summon (up), conjure up
    [Antonyms] lay
  • 18 Alfonso at once raised the siege of Saragossa
    end, stop, bring to an end, put an end to, terminate, abandon, lift
    [Antonyms] start, impose
  • 19British informal see if you can raise them on the radio
    contact, get in touch with, get hold of, reach, communicate with;
    phone, radio, call;
    British  get on to
  • Phrases

    raise hell
    informal See hell


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  • North American he wanted a raise and some extra holiday
    rise, pay/wage/salary increase, increment
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