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Synonyms of rally in English:


  • 1 the hard-pressed French troops rallied and held their position
    reassemble, regroup, re-form, reunite, gather together again, get together again;
    [Antonyms] disperse
  • 2 the exiled monarch rallied an Irish Catholic army
    assemble, bring together, call together, summon, gather, gather together, round up, mass, collect
    formal convoke
    archaic levy
    [Antonyms] demobilize, disband
  • 3 ministers rallied in a concerted effort to denounce rumours of the rift
    come/get together, band together, assemble, group, join, join together, join forces, link (up), combine, unite, ally, collaborate, cooperate, work together, act together, pull together
    [Antonyms] separate, split up
  • 4 he tried to rally support for more radical policies
  • 5 the shock grew less and her spirits rallied share prices have rallied
    recover, improve, get better, pick up, revive, come back, make a comeback, rebound, bounce back, perk up, look up, take a turn for the better, turn the/a corner, be given a new lease of life, take on a new lease of life;
    emerge from something, get over something, shake something off
    informal come up smiling
    [Antonyms] deteriorate
  • noun

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  • 1 there was a rally in support of the strike
    meeting, mass meeting, gathering, assembly, tweetup;
    demonstration, march, protest march, parade
    informal get-together, demo
  • 2 blizzards caused a short-lived rally in oil prices
    recovery, upturn, improvement, revival, comeback, rebound, resurgence, renewal, a turn for the better, reaction
    technical dead cat bounce
    [Antonyms] slump
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