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Synonyms of range in English:


  • 1 it was beyond his range of vision the age range of all patients was 39–97
    span, scope, compass, radius, scale, gamut, reach, sweep, extent, area, field, orbit, ambit, province, realm, domain, horizon, latitude;
    limits, bounds, confines, parameters
  • 2 a range of mountains
    row, chain;
    line, file, rank, string, series
  • 3 the toucan eats a very wide range of fruits a new range of quality foods
    assortment, variety, diversity, mixture, collection, array, set, selection, choice, pick;
    kind, sort, type, class, rank, order, genus, species
  • 4 Bertha put the dish into the range to cook
    stove, cooking stove, kitchen stove
    trademark Aga
  • 5 cows grazed on open range
    literary lea, mead, greensward, sward
    Scottish & Northern English  shieling, bent;
    Irish & Canadian  bawn;
    Australian/New Zealand  run;
    South African  veld;
    in Switzerland alp;
    in France bocage;
    in South America potrero
  • verb

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  • 1 annual charges range from 0.5% to 1%
    vary, fluctuate, differ;
    extend, stretch, reach, cover, go, run, pass
  • 2 on the long stalls are ranged all sorts of fresh farm products
    line up, align, draw up, put/set in order, order, place, position, arrange, dispose, set out, array, rank
  • 3 herdsmen ranged over the steppes
    roam, rove, traverse, travel, journey, wander, stray, drift, ramble, meander, amble, stroll, traipse, walk, hike, trek, backpack
  • 4 the pupils were ranged according to ability
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    range, wander, roam, rove, stray
    See wander
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