Synonyms of rap in English:

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rap 1


  • 1 he stood up and rapped the table she rapped his fingers with a ruler
    informalwhack, thwack, bash, wallop
  • 2 I rapped on the open door of his office
    knock, tap;
    bang, hammer, batter, pound
  • 3 informal banks are to be rapped for delaying interest rate cuts See rebuke
  • noun

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  • 1 she gave her son a rap on the shoulder
  • 2 there was a rap at the door
  • Phrases

    rap over the knuckles

    she will get a rap over the knuckles and be fined
    informaltelling-off, scolding, dressing-down, earful, roasting, bawling-out, caning, blast, row
    British informalticking off, carpeting, rollicking, wigging
    British vulgar slangbollocking

    take the rap

    informal I don't want him to take the rap for something he didn't do
    [Antonyms] get off scot-free
    be punished, be blamed, take the blame, pay, suffer, suffer the consequences, pay the price;
    answer for something
    informalbe for it
    British informalcarry the can

    Definition of rap in:

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    Synonyms of rap in English:

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    rap 2


  • they didn't care a rap about me
    whit, iota, jot, hoot, scrap, bit, fig;
    one bit, even a little bit, two hoots, the smallest amount, the tiniest bit
    informaldamn, tinker's cuss/curse, brass farthing, monkey's
  • Definition of rap in:

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