Synonyms of rash in English:



  • 1 next day, he broke out in a rash
    spots, skin eruption, breakout;
    hives, heat rash, nettle rash, nappy rash
    technical erythema, exanthema, urticaria, papules, roseola, purpura, pompholyx
  • 2 the incident provoked a rash of articles in the press
    series, succession;
    spate, wave, flood, deluge, torrent;
    rare boutade
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    Synonyms of rash in English:



  • he cursed himself for being so rash a rash decision
    [Antonyms] careful, cautious, prudent
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    rash, reckless, foolhardy
    All these adjectives are used to criticize actions or people for a lack of proper caution.Rash suggests an overhasty judgement that one might regret ( now isn't the time for us to make rash statements | he would be rash to expect everyone to obey him all the time).Reckless typically describes something more serious: a reckless act is that of a person who simply does not care what damage they cause to themselves or others ( reckless consumption of the earth's resources | he could be convicted of causing death by reckless driving).Foolhardy, as the word suggests, refers to foolish daring, and a foolhardy act is most likely to harm the foolhardy person themselves ( old mines were not to be left open as an invitation to any foolhardy visitor).

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