Synonyms of rattle in English:



  • 1 we were awakened by the sound of stones rattling against the window
  • 2 he put his hand in his pocket and rattled his small change
    jingle, jangle, clink, tinkle
  • 3 the bus rattled along the bumpy streets
    jolt, bump, bounce, shake, vibrate, jar; Britishjudder
    rare jounce
  • 4 the government were clearly rattled by the campaign
    unnerve, disconcert, disturb, fluster, shake, perturb, discompose, discomfit, discountenance, make nervous, put off, throw off balance, ruffle, agitate, put off one's stroke, upset, frighten, scare
    informal faze, throw, get to
  • Phrases

    rattle someone's cage

    if that corporate caveat really rattled your cage, there's more bad news
    [Antonyms] pacify placate
    angerannoyantagonizeprovokevexirritateoffend informalaggravaterileneedleget someone's back upmake someone's hackles riserub up the wrong wayruffle someone's feathersget up someone's noseget in someone's hairget someone's dander upget under someone's skinBritish informalnarkget on someone's wick

    rattle something off

    she rattled off the names of films he had directedreel offrecitelist rapidlyfire offrun throughenumerate informalspiel off

    rattle on/away

    she found herself rattling on about the meaning of lifeprattlebabblechattergabblepratego onrun onjabberjibber-jabbergibberbletherblatherblitherramblemaunderdriveltwitter informalgabyakyackety-yakyapyabberyatterBritish informalwitterrabbitchunterwaffleScottish & Irish informalslabberNorth American informalrun off at the mouth archaictwaddleclacktwattle


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  • 1 the rattle of bottles as he stacked the crates
  • 2 there was a choking rattle in his throat
    death rattle
    technical rale
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