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Synonyms of rave in English:


  • 1 the old man was raving about Armageddon and the fires of hell
    talk wildly, babble, jabber, ramble, maunder;
    talk incoherently, be delirious
  • 2 I was angry as hell—I raved and swore at them
    rant, rant and rave, rage, explode in anger, lose one's temper, be beside oneself, storm, fulminate, deliver a tirade/harangue, go into a frenzy, lose control;
    shout, roar, thunder, bellow;
    be very angry, be furious, be enraged, be incensed, fume
    British informal go spare, go crackers
    North American informal flip one's wig
    vulgar slang go apeshit
  • 3 he raved about her talent and predicted she'd win all the Oscars
    praise enthusiastically, go into raptures about/over, wax lyrical about, sing the praises of, praise to the skies, heap praise on, rhapsodize over, enthuse about/over, gush about/over, throw bouquets at, express delight over, acclaim, eulogize, extol
    informal go wild about, be mad about, go on about
    British informal big someone/something up
    North American informal ballyhoo
    [Antonyms] criticize, condemn
  • noun

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  • 1 the imaginative menu won raves from the local food critics
    enthusiastic/lavish praise, a rapturous reception, tribute, plaudits, encomiums, bouquets;
    acclaim, applause
    [Antonyms] criticism, condemnation
  • 2 their annual fancy-dress rave See party
  • 3 TV news reports have depicted raves as all-night drug parties
  • adjective

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  • informal his big break came when a critic gave him a rave review
    very enthusiastic, rapturous, glowing, ecstatic, full of praise, rhapsodic, laudatory, eulogistic, panegyrical, excellent, highly favourable
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