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Synonyms of ready in English:


  • 1 are you ready to go now? she'd gone too far—he wasn't ready for this
    prepared, all set, set, organized, in a fit state, equipped, primed
    informal fit, psyched up, geared up, up for it, hot to trot
    [Antonyms] unprepared, taken by surprise
  • 2 supper's ready at last everything was ready
    completed, finished, prepared, organized, done, arranged, fixed, in readiness;
    informal done and dusted
    [Antonyms] incomplete, in preparation
  • 3 he's always ready to help
    willing, prepared, pleased, inclined, agreeable, disposed, predisposed, minded, of a mind, in the mood, apt, prone, given, likely;
    eager, keen, happy, glad
    informal game
    [Antonyms] reluctant, unwilling
  • 4 she looked ready to collapse
    about to, on the point of, on the verge of, on the brink of, close to, as if one is going to, in danger of, liable to, likely to
  • 5 the early settlers found a ready supply of flints in the chalk cliffs
    easily available, available, accessible;
    on call
    informal on tap
  • 6 she had a ready answer to this challenge Sir Vivien is blessed with great charm and a ready wit
    clever, sharp, astute, shrewd, keen, acute, perceptive, discerning, resourceful, smart, bright, alert, apt, adroit, deft, agile, skilful
    archaic rathe
  • Phrases

    at the ready
    a group of parents stood on the sidelines, camcorders at the ready
    in position, poised, ready for use, ready for action, waiting;
    all systems go;
    North American  on deck
    make ready
    the crew were busily making ready for the departure
    prepare, make preparations, make provisions, get everything ready, take the necessary steps, do the necessary, gear up for;


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  • seven other vessels were readied and armed he wanted time to ready himself
    prepare, get ready, make ready, organize, equip, put together, fix;
    prime, set;
    gear oneself up, arm oneself
    informal psych oneself up
    literary gird oneself, gird up one's loins
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