Synonyms of rear in English:



  • 1 I was born and reared in Newcastle
    educate, train, instruct;
    North American raise
  • 2 he reared cattle and sheep
    breed, raise, keep, tend
  • 3 laboratory-reared plantlets
  • 4 Harry stiffened and reared his head
    raise, lift (up), hold up, uplift, upraise
  • 5 Creagan Hill reared up before them
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    Synonyms of rear in English:



  • 1 a door at the rear of the building
    back, back part, hind part, back end, other end;
    Anatomy occiput;
    Nautical stern
    [Antonyms] front
  • 2 Sophie and I brought up the rear of the queue
    end, tail end, rear end, back end, tail;
    North American tag end;
    Nautical aft, after
    [Antonyms] front, vanguard, bow
  • 3 he slapped her on the rear
    British bottom;
    informal sit-upon, stern, BTM, tochus
    British informal bum, botty, prat, jacksie
    Scottish informal bahookie
    North American informal butt, fanny, tush, tushie, tail, duff, buns, booty, caboose, heinie, patootie, keister, tuchis, bazoo, bippy
    West Indian informal batty
    humorous posterior, fundament
    black English rass, rusty dusty
    British vulgar slang arse, clunge
    North American vulgar slang ass
    technical nates
  • adjective

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  • the car's rear bumper
    [Antonyms] front, foremost
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