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  • 2 a rising crescendo of postmodern voices today rail against reason and science
    rationality, logic, logical thought, scientific thinking, reasoning, thought, cognition; the mind, intellect, intelligence, intellectuality; Philosophy nous
    rare ratiocination
    a rising crescendo of postmodern voices today rail against reason and science
    [Antonyms] emotion feeling
  • 4 he continues, against reason, to love the woman passionately
    good sense, good judgement, common sense, sense, judgement, understanding, wisdom, sagacity; reasonableness, moderation, propriety; practicality, practicability, advisability


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  • 1 such a child, left to himself, grows up unable to express himself and unable to reason
    think rationally, think logically, think straight, use one's mind, use one's common sense, use one's head, use one's brain, think things through, cogitate; intellectualize
    rare cerebrate, ratiocinate, logicize
  • 4 her husband tried to reason with her, but she refused to listen
    talk round, bring round, win round, persuade, coax, prevail on, convince; show someone the error of their ways, make someone see the light


by reason of

those incapable of supporting themselves by reason of age, infirmity, or disease because ofon account ofas a result ofas a consequence ofowing todue toby virtue ofthanks tothrough

with reason

he was anxious, with reason, about his own political survival justifiablyjustlylegitimatelyrightlyproperlyreasonably

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