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Synonyms of record in English:


  • 1 written records of the past fraud squad officers want to examine his bank records
  • 2 I spent a lot of time listening to records
    tape, cassette, disc, compact disc, CD;
    dated gramophone record, LP, long-player, single, forty-five, twelve-inch (single), EP (extended-play)
    British dated black disc
    North American dated phonograph record
  • 3 Cameron would have faced a High Court sentence had it not been for his good record
    previous conduct/performance, track record, previous achievements/accomplishments, career to date, history, past, life history, background;
  • 4 he's got a record as long as my arm
    criminal record, police record, list of offences, list of previous convictions;
    history of crime;
    Military  crime sheet
    British informal form
    North American informal rap sheet
  • 5 it was my greatest race and a British record
    best performance, highest achievement, star performance;
    best time, fastest time, furthest distance;
    world record
  • 6 a personal and lasting record of what they have achieved
    reminder, memorial, souvenir, memento, token, token of remembrance, remembrance, keepsake, testimony, testament, testimonial, witness, monument
  • Phrases

    off the record
  • 1 he was at pains to emphasize that his comments were off the record
    unofficial, confidential, in (strict) confidence, not for publication, not for public consumption, not to be made public, not for circulation, not to be disclosed, not to be mentioned, private, secret, classified, (to be kept) under wraps
    [Antonyms] official
  • 2 senior opposition figures are beginning to admit, off the record, that they made a mistake
    unofficially, privately, in (strict) confidence, confidentially, between ourselves;
    Latin sub rosa;
    Italian in petto;
    French entre nous
    informal between you, me, and the bedpost/gatepost
    archaic under the rose
    [Antonyms] officially, publicly
  • adjective

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  • stress on the first syllable the company announced record pre-tax profits
    record-breaking, best ever, its/one's best, optimum, unbeaten, unsurpassed, unparalleled, unequalled, superlative, second to none, never previously achieved
    [Antonyms] worst
  • verb

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  • 1 the doctor recorded her blood pressure on a chart
    write down, set down, put in writing, put down, take down, note, make a note of, jot down, put down on paper, commit to paper;
    document, put on record, post;
    enter, minute, register, chronicle, file, put on file, chart, docket, log;
    inscribe, transcribe;
    list, catalogue, make an inventory of
    rare diarize
  • 2 the thermometer recorded a temperature of 99°F
    indicate, register, read, show, display
  • 3 the team recorded their fourth away win of the season
    achieve, accomplish, gain, earn, chalk up, notch up, turn in
    informal clock up
  • 4 the recital was recorded live at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival
    make a record/recording of, tape, tape-record;
    video-record, videotape, video, audiotape;
  • 5 he took time out from working with the band to record a new solo album
    make, produce, cut, put on disc/tape
    informal lay down, put on wax
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