Synonyms of red in English:



  • 1 a red dress
    scarlet, vermilion, ruby, ruby-red, ruby-coloured, cherry, cherry-red, cerise, cardinal, carmine, wine, wine-red, wine-coloured, claret, claret-red, claret-coloured, blood-red; flame, flaming, coral, cochineal, rose, rosy; brick-red, maroon, rusty, foxy, rufous; reddish
    literary damask, vermeil
    Heraldrysanguine, gules
    rare rufescent
  • 2 he was somewhat red in the face from his exertions
  • 3 the chlorine in the water made his eyes red
    bloodshot, red-rimmed, inflamed; swollen, sore
  • 4 the lady with the red hair
    reddish, flaming red, flame-coloured, auburn, Titian, chestnut, carroty, ginger, sandy, foxy
  • noun

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  • informal , derogatory in this film the war is against drug barons rather than Reds
  • Phrases

    in the red

    his account is still in the red
    [Antonyms] in the black
    overdrawnin debtin debitin deficitowing moneyin arrearsshowing a loss

    see red

    informal she saw red and hit him with the hammerbecome very angrybecome enragedgo into a ragelose one's temper informalgo/get madgo crazygo wildgo bananashit the roofgo through the roofgo up the wallgo off the deep endfly off the handleblow one's topblow a fuse/gasketlose one's raggo apeflipflip one's lidgo non-lineargo ballisticgo psychoBritish informalgo sparego crackersdo one's nutNorth American informalflip one's wigblow one's lid/stack vulgar slanggo apeshit

    red herring

    it's more of a red herring than a legitimate plot elementbluffblindrusefeintdeceptionsubterfugehoaxtrickploydevicewileshampretenceartificecoversmokescreendistractionexpedientcontrivancemachination informaldodgeput-onput-up job

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    rhodo- related prefix, as in rhodonite
    erythro- related prefix, as in erythrocyte

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